Monday, June 6, 2011

Church of Lies by Flora Jessop

From Publishers Weekly
It is difficult for any person not affiliated with a group like the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) to imagine the motivation for living in such a system. Jessop grew up within the strictures of the FLDS cult, subjected to its forced marriages and rampant sexual abuse. Her story is a harrowing but inspiring account of one womans determination to break free. She relates in rather stark terms the horror of growing up in the polygamous community, the many pleasures she was denied as a child as her elders pursued a pseudo-holiness, forbidding the joys of childhood but engaging in horrible acts of pedophilia. Following her own liberation, she has worked tirelessly and fearlessly to liberate those who want out of the group. Readers will be repelled at some of what Jessop has to say, but in the end, they will be heartened by her efforts to free others in the grip of the FLDS leadership. (Feb.)
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My Review
I started reading this book knowing only the basics about polygamy. I am like other average Americans and have seen an episode or two of Sister Wives. I'd never heard of Flora Jessop. Very interesting book! I was blown away by the acts committed and detailed in this book. This story is raw. On a number of occasions I was shocked by what I read! Rape of little kids, prearranged marriages of kids fourteen and under (often to men 2 or 3 times their age), incest and inbreeding. Kids were taught that this, and much more, was actually required of them to escape damnation to hell and the only way they could get to Heaven.
I guess I felt like others... and thought "That doesn't happen in the USA." WoW! I was wrong! Even more powerful reading developed from the Jessop's attempts to save her family after her own escape. This was made difficult by her family members' fear of eternal damnation and fear for their own safety from others in the community. I commend Flora Jessop for having the courage to be able to tell her story. This book has made me think about how to help others in the same predicament as Flora was.

Definitely a must read! Read the book...

4 out of 5 stars!

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